One Beautiful Couple

All couples are beautiful when they get married. Joy and happiness look great on people, which is one reason I so enjoy wedding photography. But occasionally, very occasionally, I get a couple with looks that belong in a fashion magazine. This couples wedding day started at Hotel Granduca which was around the corner from their wedding venue, The Vista on Seward Hill. If this wedding had a theme, it would be sparkling rosé. And so our adventure begins:

By the way, that's my hat she is wearing. The next time my daughter accuses me of having no style, I'm gonna say: "Oh yeah, well she didn't think so."
Okay, we've established the bride is beautiful, now what about the groom?

Enough said. Now back to that theme:

These paper cranes were made by the bride and her friends.

Uh-oh! The bride sneaks into the groom's game room when he is away. Well, why should he have all the fun?