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The Marriage Dance

One of the most delightful, and touching traditions in weddings is the marriage dance. All married couples are asked to come to the dance floor, and then a process of elimination begins. First: “Anyone who has been married for less than five hours, please leave the floor.” So exits the newly weds. Then: “Anyone married for less than one year,--- five years,--- ten years,” etc., until the last couple remains. And while the longest married couple always inspires awe, what’s even more inspiring is to see how long, and how many couples remain on the dance floor as the numbers continue to rise. What is also touching is to see the expressions on the faces of the dancers. This is a moment of reflection, of appreciation, of shared memories, and of confirmation. The celebration of marriage is the celebration of a very deep human bond. Evidence of the strength of this bond can be witnessed in the marriage dance.
(The photos are from the beautiful wedding of Suzanne Berger & BJ Buske on Feb…