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Shots in the Dark!

It was dark before the formals were finished. The only light was coming from my flashes, and lights from a distant building that were very dim. The two "volunteer" photographers with impressive looking cameras had already given up. Fortunately, my cameras can focus down to -3EV, a light metering term in camera speak that means, when it is --- dark! A wedding photographer has to be prepared to deal with all types of lighting, including lack of. Something else one needs to consider when looking for a photographer. (Sympathetic groan!)

Secret Proposal on Enchanted Rock, Texas

I got a text on a Wednesday asking if I were available for a secret proposal that Saturday. Evan had told close friends and family members that he planned to propose to Kayla on top of Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas. They responded with: "That's great!. Whose your photographer?" A puzzled Evan asked: "Photographer? I need a photographer?" 

Evan, Evan, Evan. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Of course you need a photographer! (I don't really believe this, but if it helps my business, why should I discourage this new fad?)

So, that Saturday, I find myself driving 70 miles to Fredericksburg, sitting in line for an hour to get into the park, and then climbing Enchanted Rock in the noonday sun. What I do for love. Part of the fun was that Evan and I had never seen each other, so there was a secret agent quality to this assignment.

Evan & Kayla were/are adorable. And, if Kayla regretted getting caught on camera…