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James & Wei Ni Marry at Pioneer Farms, Austin, Texas.

Like many mixed ethnic couples, Jamie and Wei Ni had already been married; in this case, in Wei Ni's home country of Malaysia. They would do it again on this side of the Pacific, but the ceremony would be Jewish this time. Jamie was adamant about de-emphasizing the formal portraits. Been there, done that. It was candid moments that he was after. His care free, fun loving attitude was infectious as both families seemed up for having a good time. Meanwhile, Wei Ni's serene composure and elegance could not hide her own sense of playfulness, making her seem even more beautiful. It was blatantly obvious this was a good match.

So on a sunny, spring, Sunday afternoon, in the lovely setting of Pioneer Farms, a beautiful marriage and reception party took place, complete with a bar, good food, a tent for shade, a band for dancing, and the company of people who knew how to enjoy themselves. There are certainly worse ways to spend a Sunday.

The ceremony took place pretty much at high no…